State Correctional Institution At Dallas Citizens Advisory Committee 


Matt Malcolm, Chairman

Jerry Palmaioli,Vice Chairman-Secretary

James Welby

John Jay Wilkes Jr



Volunteers needed!

Become a Weekend Puppy Raiser for a future service dog

A new program is going to be opening soon at SCI Dallas in Dallas Pennsylvania where inmates will raise and train service dogs for America’s VetDogs in Smithtown, NY. These dogs will one day work as service dogs for wounded veterans, helping our nation’s heroes regain the lives they once led.

On weekends, the pups leave the prison to live with volunteer weekend puppy raisers to get socialized to things they don’t see in prison. The puppies need to be exposed to the sights and sounds of family life: loud TVs, children playing, people coming to the door, vacuum cleaners,   cats, birds, and farm animals and most importantly city traffic. The weekend families take the pups on field trips throughout the weekend to go to kids’ sporting events, concerts, hospitals, restaurants, malls, barber shops, grocery stores, etc. The puppies need to have experiences everywhere their future veteran partners will potentially go.


We are currently accepting applications for weekend puppy raisers!

Prospective weekend puppy raiser families are screened by an America’s VetDogs staff member. Training manuals, classes, and staff assistance are all provided to volunteers.

Please consider applying for this important program. The commitment is approximately 12-14 months.

For more information or to fill out a volunteer application please visit our website:



American Asphalt Citizens Advisory Committee


Ed Chestnovich (Public Member Huntsville Road)

Robert Kush ( Public Member Vista Drive)

John  J Wilkes Jr  ( Board of Supervisors)